MKM Keramik - Packaging Solutions in Ceramics

Ceramic Packagings For Beer

We can provide you with unique and eye-catching bottles to capture the imagination of the cu­stomer: MKM-bottles made of Original-Stoneware which are capable of being filled and closed on your current lines.

Develo­ped for special beers and resistant to the high pressures common during the filling process, the crocks have a smooth internal finish.

MKM-bottles are available in 330 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml capacities. We offer a wide range of different glazes that are highly resistant to abrasion. It is up to you to choose the glaze that bests suits to your brand - matt or gloss, smooth or with texture, traditio­nal or contemporary.

Your Benefits Include:

> High Resistance to Compressive Strengths and Precise

   Manufacturing Tolerances

> Developed to be Easily Integrated Onto Automatic Filling Lines

> Suitable for Both Crown-Corks and Clip-Locks

> 100% Light- and Ultra-Violet Barrier

> Available in Many Different Glazes