MKM Keramik - Packaging Solutions in Ceramics

Unique Know-how - Unique solutions


MKM has gained a world-wide reputation as the leading manufacturer of precision packaging, made of Original-Stoneware, for both the food- and beverage-industries.

The requirements for accurately produced, robust packs with a striking appearance, as well as for packaging that ensures the product's qualities against environmental influences has led to continuous product improvement in close partnership with our customers.

Results have been achieved through a well established, on-going process of research and development which has proven MKM to be the primary manufacturer for packaging solutions in Original-Stoneware.

A vital part of MKM's success has been achieved by developing and building plant and systems in-house. The mixing process of raw materials has been examined and improved throughout. This specialist knowledge in handling clay has been applied constantly to develop new products to meet the requirements of customers. In the 1960's, MKM was the first and is still the only company to manufacture, on automatical lines, Original-Stoneware-crocks with screw-finishes for the bulk filling of spirits.


MKM-Original-Stoneware crocks have been developed to meet the performance requirements for beers and other beverages which contain carbonic acid, and are capable of withstanding the high pressures of the filling process.

MKM-Original-Stoneware jars have been developed to be vacuum-sealable and are thus suitable for packaging preserves.

The glazes used on all MKM-packaging are highly resistant to abrasion and alkaline solutions. MKM-packaging made of Original-Stoneware is capable of being filled and closed on current lines due the exacting manufacturing tolerances.

MKM-Original-Stoneware is an ideal packaging for sensitive foods, since it will safeguard the food against harmful environmental factors such as direct sunlight and temperature variations. MKM-Stoneware is completely inert and will not taint or damage its contents. MKM-packs have been recognised around the world by a variety of international awards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your packaging solutions made of Original-Stoneware!