MKM Keramik - Packaging Solutions in Ceramics

Ceramic Packagings For Food

MKM’s Original Stoneware jars and –bottles are used for many different kinds of foods: if you produce edible oils, vinegars or pâtés – we can provide you with the most suitable packaging solution.

MKM-packaging is capable of being filled and closed at high speed on current lines. All packaging is of course compatible with foodstuffs, resistant to both acid and alka­line solutions and suitable for micro-waves.

MKM-packaging is available in a wide variety of different glazes that are highly resistant to abra­sion. The glazes range from matt to gloss and from traditional to con­tem­porary.

Your Benefits Include:

> Manufactured to Precise Tolerances

> Suitable for Many Different Closures

> Wide Range of Glazes

> 100% Barrier to Ultra-Violet and Visible Light