MKM Keramik - Packaging Solutions in Ceramics

Ceramic Packagings For Wines And Oils

Ori­ginal Stoneware safeguards your wines and oils from harmful external factors as it is completely lightproof and protects foods from extreme temperature variati­ons.

Choose the glaze which bests suits your product image - e.g., matt, gloss, traditional or con­tem­porary …

All glazes have been developed in-house, and are resistant to abrasion. Further opportunity to customise your pack is available.

MKM-packaging is capable of being filled and closed at high speed on current lines thanks to its precise dimensions.

Your Benefits Include:

> 100% Barrier to Ultra-Violet and Visible Light

> Excellent Protection Against Temperature Variation

> Precise Manufacturing Tolerances

> Fired at High Temperatures to Ensure no Leakage

> Wide Range of Glazes

> Internally Glazed